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Domaine de Monluc blanc moelleux Domaine de Monluc 
		blanc sec Domaine de Monluc rosé
Domaine de Monluc
Goupil de Monluc blanc moelleux Goupil de Monluc 
		blanc sec Goupil de Monluc rosé Goupil de Monluc
Goupil de Monluc
Grandes Vignes de 
		Monluc Les Cargols rouge de Monluc
Grandes Vignes Cargols
Les Cargols de Monluc Cargols Rouge
Grappe de Tannat

Les Cargols de Monluc

Cargols Rouge

SOIL: Selected among our best vineyards located on the sunny slopes of the north Gascony surrounding Château Monluc.

VINIFICATION: Had picked when fully ripe, then carefully selected, our grapes are vinified as in the old times, with long maceration in order to extract the best of the aromas and to get a nice balanced wine.

AGING: 100% in French oak barrels, the aging will soften the tannins, domesticate the power of Tannat grape, and bring roundness and ability to last up to 15 or maybe 20 years! No filtration is made before bottling in order to preserve its exceptional body. Some sediments may appear.

SERVING: Open the bottle 2 to 3 hours before serving or even better, decant the wine into a carafe to let it "breath". Enjoy it at room temperature (16-18°C) along with grilled red meat or cheese.


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