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Domaine de Monluc
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		blanc sec Goupil de Monluc rosé Goupil de Monluc
Goupil de Monluc
Grandes Vignes de 
		Monluc Les Cargols rouge de Monluc
Grandes Vignes Cargols
Les Grandes Vignes de Monluc Grandes Vignes Rouge

Les Grandes Vignes de Monluc

Grandes Vignes Rouge

SOIL: Selection of the best sunny slopes of our vineyard (clay and limonestone soil).

VINIFICATION: Selective picking at maximum ripeness. Traditional vinification with long maceration and temperature controlled fermentation. Tannat fruit aromas are enhanced by a mirco-oxygenation. 12 months oak barrel aging will bring fineness, smoothness, as well as an additional year aging in bottle.

TASTING AND TIPS: Nice deep rubis colour, intense red fruit flavours with harmonious wood hints. Enjoy it at room temperature with grilles red meat, duck fillet or cheese.


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