A multitude of products to discover at Monluc

Monluc offers a variety of products: the famous Pousse Rapière, traditional method sparkling wines, still wines or Armagnacs, Flocs and liqueurs.

Pousse Rapière

It owes its name to the rapier, long, light sword brought back from the wars of Italy by Blaise de Monluc and his Gascon captains.
The liqueur, whose old recipe is kept well secret, is combined with the sparkling wine to make the « Pousse Rapière » cocktail.

Traditional method

The traditional method is the production of sparkling wine by fermentation in the bottle. It is the noble method par excellence. The wine is produced from the white grape varieties of Ugni-Blanc and Gros Manseng. The various batches obtained are then developed and blended to give the Cuvée, the final blend that will be bottled, accompanied by yeasts and sugar known as ‘liqueur de tirage’ a blend of sugar and yeasts.

1. Still wines

The still wines, as opposed to the traditional method are non-sparkling and come from the vineyards of the Gascon highlands. Among them, the Aubaines de Goupil and M de Monluc.

2. Armagnacs, Floc and liqueurs

Our Monluc Armagnacs, Floc and liqueurs are created according to a Gascon country family tradition !

Wines List Cocktails & Armagnac

Pousse Rapière

Le Château de Monluc Pousse Rapière
Pousse Rapière
Orange Armagnac liqueur
The cocktail
1 part of liqueur
7 parts of Vin Sauvage
1 ice cube
1/2 slice of orange


Le Château de Monluc Organic Chardonnay
Organic Chardonnay
The flagship of our production, this organic dry Chardonnay has very light pale yellow hues, extremely fine and persistent bubbles, an elegant nose of white blossom and acacia, slight patisserie notes, a mouth that is light and smooth, with aromas of white peach.
Serve at : 8°C
750 ML
Dry sparkling wines

Wines Côtes de Gascogne

Le Château de Monluc Vin sauvage
Vin sauvage
Dry white tradional method
The incredible success of this aperitif comes from the fact that the two parts are made, from the beginning, in order to achieve a balanced combination. The wine and the liqueur are made one for the other, from the same terroir, the same vineyard and their marriage is a happy one, most harmonious and the most natural
« Traditional Method »is a term that describes the method of making the sparkling wine by fermentation in the bottle. The noble method ‘par excellence’.
Le Château de Monluc Merlot / Tannat / Cabernet Franc
Merlot / Tannat / Cabernet Franc
Traditionals methods
Find all the elegance and the fruit of our red grape varieties in this special Rosé cuvée
Dry Traditional Method.
Ideal for parties, aperitifs throughout the year
Also very pleasant during a meal, its freshness will accompany all dishes
Serve at : 6~7°C
750 ML
Le Château de Monluc Colombard / Sauvignon
Colombard / Sauvignon
With a lovely bright colour, lively and fruity, its intense aromas of white peach and pineapple make this a very pleasant wine for an aperitif. You will also appreciate it with grilled fish or in sauce, and shellfish.
Serve at : 10°C
11,5%VOL / 5L
Le Château de Monluc Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc
Aromas of redcurrant and raspberry give it a freshness and roundness in the mouth that makes it a wine for a beautiful day. It can do everything with elegance: accompany pasta, cold meats, grilled meats and cheeses. You will also enjoy it as an aperitif, on its own or with a dessert with a fresh fruit salad (strawberries, pineapple, banana…)
Serve at : 10°C
12%VOL / 5L & 10L
Le Château de Monluc Merlot / Tannat
Merlot / Tannat
The aromas of black fruits, like blackcurrant and blueberry dominate. It accompanies grilled red meats or in a sauce, duck breast, stews and roast game. You will also appreciate its finesse with mature cheeses such as Cantal, Laguiole, Comté Fermier or Camembert.
Serve at : 15~17°C
12,5%VOL / 5L & 10L
Dry white
Aubaines de Goupil
Mellow Dry
Le Château de Monluc Colombard / Sauvignon / Gros Manseng /  Ugni-blanc
Colombard / Sauvignon / Gros Manseng / Ugni-blanc
Pale yellow colour. The nose is dominated by citrus and exotic fruit notes. In the mouth the attack is lively, the wine is fresh and fruity.
Serve at : 8~10°C
12%VOL / 750 ML
Le Château de Monluc Gros Manseng / Sauvignon
Gros Manseng / Sauvignon
Aromas of orange flower water, white-fleshed fruits like quince, peach and exotic fruits such as pineapple. The mouth is full and unctuous supported by a nice freshness. A fruity and pleasant wine.
Serve at : 8~10°C
11,5%VOL / 750 ML
Still wines / PGI Côtes de Gascogne
Le Château de Monluc Cabernet Franc / Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Franc / Cabernet Sauvignon
A tender pink colour. The nose unveils floral and fruity notes. In the mouth the wine reveals gourmet notes.
Serve at : 8~10°C
12%VOL / 750 ML
Le Château de Monluc Tannat / Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon
Tannat / Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon
Ruby red colour with garnet hues. The nose reveals complex notes of fruit and spice. The mouth is fruity and balanced with supple tannins.
Serve at : 15°C
13%VOL / 750 ML


Le Château de Monluc Assemblages
A selection of our best blends to present you a unique, regularly awarded collection.
Le Château de Monluc Vintages
A magnificent collection of the oldest eau-de-vie in France to discover, or rediscover, year after year.
700ML / 40%VOL / Wooden Box
1502 - 1577
Portrait of Blaise de Montluc by François Bignon and Zacharie Heince
Middle of the 17th century