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Tradition and Innovation

Our products

Pousse Rapière Cocktails
the Spritz Gascon

Pousse Rapière

Pousse Rapière is an armagnac liqueur flavoured with oranges and spices.
Invented in 1963, its recipe has been protected and kept secret for over 60 years.

  • – 1 dose 24° liqueur
  • – 7 doses of brut wild wine
  • – 1 half orange slice

To serve chilled

Pousse Rapière 20°
Pousse Rapière 24°
Pousse Rapière 36°

Pousse Rapière 20°

Light edition, a lighter version in alcohol.

Pousse Rapière 24°

Classic edition, the classic version of the Pousse Rapière cocktail.

Pousse Rapière 36°

Black Edition, a fuller-bodied version, to be served as a cocktail or over ice.

Wild wines range
thin bubbles

Wild Wines

Wild wine is a range of “traditional method” or “champenoise” wines, describing the method used to make sparkling wine by bottle fermentation.
The noble method par excellence.

Vin Sauvage chardonnay
Vin Sauvage blanc de blancs
Vin Sauvage tuilé


The flagship of our production, this organic brut Chardonnay offers fine, persistent bubbles. A nose of white flowers and acacia, slightly brioche, a light, smooth palate with aromas of white peaches.

Blanc de Blancs

Quite lively on the palate with a slight lemony nuance. Its fine bubble is neutral in taste, delicately coating the palate. It can be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails.


A fruity, elegant and lively wine with a light colour. Its fine, persistent bubbles perfectly convey its aromas, making it a perfect accompaniment to both aperitifs and desserts. The red wine used in the expedition liqueur underlines the distinctive character of this iconic Monluc product.

Still Wines
around a glass

Still Wines

Gascogne coast

Goupil's Bargains

Vin Tranquille rouge
Vin Tranquille blanc
Vin Tranquille moelleux
Vin Tranquille rosé


The color is ruby with garnet hues. The nose reveals complex notes of red fruits and spices. Fruity and balanced on the palate.

Dry white

The colour is pale yellow. The nose is dominated by notes of citrus and exotic fruit. On the palate, the attack is lively and the wine is fresh and fruity.


The colour is pale yellow. The nose reveals a beautiful aromatic complexity. Round and well-balanced on the palate


The colour is a soft pink. The nose reveals fruity and floral notes. On the palate, the wine expresses itself on greedy notes.

La Garde de Monluc
vins de garde

La Garde de Monluc

La Garde de Monluc wines are the ‘Haut de Gamme’ cuvées of our brand. Wines with great ageing potential, available in red and white with specific ageing.

Garde rouge
Garde blanc


Intense ruby color. A rich, complex nose offering aromas of black fruits and spices with hints of vanilla. On the palate, this wine is full-bodied with smooth, rounded tannins.


The color is pale and brilliant. A fresh, highly aromatic nose with notes of white fruit. On the palate, we feel minerality and fruity notes such as vine peach.

bag in box

M of Monluc

Bag in Box rouge
Bag in Box blanc
Bag in Box rosé


Black fruit aromas of blackcurrant and blueberry dominate. Serve with grilled red meats or in sauce. You'll also appreciate its finesse with mature cheeses.


A brilliant colour, lively and fruity, its intense aromas of white peach and pineapple make it a very pleasant wine as an aperitif. You'll also enjoy it with grilled fish or fish in sauce, shellfish and crustaceans.


Aromas of redcurrant and raspberry, freshness and roundness on the palate make this a wine for fine weather. It's an elegant accompaniment to pasta, cold meats, grilled meats and cheeses. Enjoy it as an aperitif, on its own or with dessert.

time for tasting

Our armagnacs

local know-how


Armagnac sélection
Armagnac 5 ans
Armagnac 15 ans
Armagnac 25 ans
Armagnac XO


This Armagnac has been aged for twelve months in oak casks. A golden yellow colour with amber highlights. A fresh, pleasant nose with notes of flowers and dried fruit. Subtle, elegant and aromatic on the palate, with a lovely freshness. The finish is harmonious and spicy.

5 years

This Armagnac has been aged for five years in oak casks. It has a clear, limpid colour with orange highlights. Its nose is floral, with notes of jasmine. The palate is lively and quickly lined with the roundness of acacia honey. A very fine Armagnac with a long, slightly sweet finish.

15 years

This Armagnac has been aged for fifteen years in oak casks. Its clear orange colour gives off brilliant highlights. On the nose, an explosion of citrus fruit. On the palate, this brandy is powerful, with notes of liquorice and a slight bitterness of yellow grapefruit. The finish is fresh and floral, with a long aftertaste.

25 years

This Armagnac has been aged for twenty-five years in oak casks. It has a brilliant copper colour. The nose is fine, with scents of resin and cedar sawdust. The nose is fine, with scents of resin and cedar sawdust.AL The palate is fresh and resinous, with notes of eucalyptus that blend pleasantly with the warmth of this complex Armagnac. The finish is predominantly fresh, with hints of menthol and liquorice.


This Armagnac has been aged for ten years in oak barrels. Its golden colour has lovely amber highlights. A nose of dried fruit with hints of honey. On the palate, notes of ripe fruit with fatness and sweetness. This brandy is powerful, with a long, lingering finish.


Armagnac XO Extra

This brandy is the fruit of a precise blend steeped in history.
The nose is pastry-like, with notes of prunes. The palate is full and greedy with a frank attack. A spicy finish with good length.


Armagnac XXO

This Armagnac XXO is undoubtedly the alchemy of a Monluc blend. An exceptional brandy with notes of rancio. The nose and palate are of rare finesse.

legacy from the past


This is a privilege of the great Armagnac brands. Those based on a long history and long years of maturing gasconne brandy. The vintage is in fact the translation of the more or less rich history of an Armagnac brand.

Under the “Armagnac” controlled designation of origin decree, the vintage is considered to be that of a ten-year-old eau-de-vie. The vintage is the year of harvest that appears on the bottle.

Vintage 1984


We have an exceptional collection of vintages. From 1888 to 2013, our cellar contains a treasure trove of flavors, where each bottle tells its own story.

Armagnac organic

This 2009 Armagnac organic, made from the finest vintages of the Gascon terroir, is aged in old oak barrels. Its full aroma comes from long ageing. We certify its origin, quality and conformity.

vary the pleasures


Rediscover the creations of the Monluc brand in tasty cocktails to suit your every whim…


Spritz Gascon

1 vol. of Pousse Rapière 20°
7 vol. of Wild Wine
With sparkling water

On Ice

Pousse Rapière

1 vol. of Pousse Rapière 24°
7 vol. of Wild Wine
1/2 orange slice

Spritz Gascon

On Ice

1 vol. of Pousse Rapière 36°
7 vol. of Tonic
Juniper berries

Pousse Rapière Cocktail

Key dates

Armagnac trading begins

Louis Lassus


Start of production of traditional methods

By René & Mireille Lassus


First "Wild Wine" cuvée

Traditional method


Creation of the Pousse Rapière (36°)

By René Lassus


The liqueur (36°) is evolving towards 2 lighter alcohol recipes

(24°) for the traditional market - (20°) for supermarkets


Development of a network of agents in France

They are currenlty 43


Creation of the "Goupil's Bargains" range

Still Wines - IGP of Gascogne coast


Monluc joins Le Club des Marques

The start of a new era!


Redesign of the "Goupil's Bargains" range
Makeover of the armagnacs range

Blends & vintages


Development of the armagnac range

Decanter XO Extra


New logo
Creation of La Garde de Monluc range

Garde's wines (red & dry white)


Pousse Rapière & Vin Sauvage makeover
Back to the original recipe (36°)

Presented at Vinexpo Paris


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Box Pousse Rapière 36°